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Not quite a module, an Adventure Seed is just that, a small piece of content for you to use in your own game and setting. Various bits and pieces of the #Dungeon23 Project will be posted here, starting with the Surface Encounters.

Probably around the middle of February I'll post the WIP of the January Level/Rooms in their raw format from the notebook. Pictures, that is. Likewise in March, and thereafter. I'm not really sure where I want to post the development log, or even if I want to, in case it becomes intrusive, with all of the updates. In any case:

Seed #1: Cyclopes' Lair is part of the #Dungeon23 project, and will serve as the "guard" encounter for one of the hidden entrances to the mighty megadungeon.

This unusual tribe of cyclopes are sitting on a goldmine, AND the entrance to the biggest, deepest dungeon in all of Weirth.

This three page adventure seed is designed to be compatible with Low Fantasy Gaming, but can easily be used with any Old-School Repertoire FRPG.

Cover Design by Brian Rideout, Cyclops Art by Warm_Tail


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WoW Adventure Seed 1 - Cyclops Lair.pdf 607 kB

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Iko created a jam page to collect all resources & entries published so far.

Feel free to submit this dungeon as well!


Thanks for the reminder. I was going to wait til I had more 'stuff', but it looks like there are other WIP.

So, I'm in!